The Banana Phone project was an attempt at creating a robocall blocking system from off-the-shelf, readily available components.

It was first written in the Winter of 2012 as a submission for the 2013 FTC Robocall Challenge.

The unique advantage of Banana Phone is that since it is a hardware-based solution, it can be used on any landline, whether the service line is VoIP or regular PSTN.

The first 55 seconds explain how Banana Phone stops robocalls. The rest of the described functionality only pertained to the original FTC Robocall Challenge requirements and are not in the code release.

 Images of Banana Phone installation

Images of Banana Phone installation

1) Laying groundwork

Add a dedicated user for Banana Phone, create a some directories and install Asterisk

2) Initial Asterisk configuration

Tell Asterisk to where to listen for calls in sip.conf

3) Obi110 ATA settings

Configure the Obi110 ATA to pass calls to your Raspberry Pi

4) Asterisk dialplan basics

Learn some basic concepts in Asterisk for handling calls

5) Integrate Banana Phone scripts

Copy over all the Banana Phone scripts and the dialplan, and test your installation

6) Setup voicemail

Enhance Banana Phone by adding voicemail functionality