A break. Kind of.

So I'm in the process of making Banana Phone smart. Like, way smart.

Here's what going on:

  •  The app shares white lists between the mobile phone and the land line device.
  • I'm adding a feature to the app that auto-whitelists dialed numbers, because ppl usually don't call robocall numbers (?)
  • In order to pull off the above features, I'm also putting up a server backend, so that involves writing a database, and a REST API

But even in this wave of progress, I need a break sometimes.

So my buddy Ray asked me to build him a computer. I hadn't built a rig in a few years, so I kindly obliged. He had a pretty decent hardware budget ($800) and told me to go nuts. So I did.

I also decided to take some photos of the build, because, well, I needed some blog content. So here you go.


Let's prep the motherboard.

Seat in the memory (16 GBs) and prime the CPU for drop-in.

We're going with a stock fan. because they work just fine and I've never been a fan of outrageous fans anyway. The cash is better spent on RAM or and SSD or, literally, anything else.

But, when using the stock fan, ALWAYS scrap off that shitty factory-shipped thermal paste it comes with.

Instead, use Arctic Silver. It's awesome and cheap and Fry's has it (this is not a paid plug, btw. I just rep the AS because it's a great product.)


Now hit it with some rubbing alcohol to give a nice clean surface and we're ready to drop in our CPU.



Cool. Now we have our important pieces mounted. We'll do everything else when it's resting in the case.

Now for the power supply.



Now finesse the motherboard into the case, and we're golden. And plug fans.



So after running the power cables, installing the hard drive (1 TB), and powering it on, we have a BIOS screen.

First time's the charm.

Ray was quite happy with his build. He got a copy of Windows 10 (a legit copy) and is now happily doing w/e the hell he wants, because this rig can do that.

Okay, back to my database code. Hooray.