Meet David. He's awesome.

As a project grows from concept to serious endeavor, you realize it's impossible to do everything on your own (like electrical engineering). So now we have David.

I met David after presenting Banana Phone at the Hackaday Unconference. He graciously took a look at my current hardware prototype, offered some suggestions, and we hit it off.

 With David's electrical engineering efforts, we've been developing a new hardware prototype that we can sell in a few months. This first wave of collaboration involved some testing on the newly released Raspberry Pi Zero W.

 Our state-of-the-art testing facility.

Our state-of-the-art testing facility.

Having David on board means we can now design and test a product in a few months. We had our second meetup last Wednesday and got a lot of testing done.

Part of that was determining the best hardware to design on, based off of cost and speed of engineering time. We're still deciding on whether to use the RPi0W or go with a simpler board layout.

With David on the project, we're able to do more, produce faster and ultimately deliver a better product. I'm very fortunate to have him.

As for next steps, we're considering entering the project into Hackaday Prize 2017 contest. David says we have a decent shot at the win, and I'm inclined to believe him because he's a really smart dude. 

I must now sleep in preparation for my DMV visit tomorrow. Those can be draining.